An Interesting Exchange Between Phillip Bromwell and JD Carrere on Facebook

Posted September 13, 2019
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Yesterday, I posted a story shot, reported, edited and produced by Spectrum1 MMJ JD Carrere.

I also put it on the Mojofest Facebook page.

Phillip Bromwell, a highly accomplished VJ in his own right had asked JD what kind of camera he used.  

Here is JD's answer. I could not have written it better myself.


JD Carrere Philip Bromwell well I will go big picture and work my way granular.

In terms of when I decide to use the iPhone vs my z280 vs a c100. There’s preference and function.

Function wise I could use my iPhone on 90% of my shoots. (I posted the video below of a piece that was shot all on my phon). I do believe there are many occasions that in a news gathering situation, using my phone vs many other camera...again..for’re not gaining or losing much.  

For me the most important part is the story telling..the interesting character..the tracking..the meat and potatoes of what the viewer will take in. 

I will also say this...there have been many times...(that video below included) that I wouldn’t get the story had I not use my phone. Many times in either breaking news or large crowd spaces when I need to move around without bulky gear..SHEESH..the phone has bailed me out.

When it comes to preference. Well it’s just that..I preferred to shoot this piece on a c100 with a zoom lens because I didn’t feel comfortable getting super close to those cars. 

Like everything’s about about the tools in the tool kit right?

I do believe the iPhone is a great tool. I would never argue that the iPhone shoots just the same quality of video as a RED.  

But again (again) in the world of video/mobile journalism...I do believe that MOST news could be gathered using my phone.  

It’s like taking a James Beard award winning chef and giving them what some would say is an inferior cooking ware set of knives. You would never care about how the food got to your would only care how good it tasted. 

Personally I use my z280 more than my phone..but if I’m being honest it’s strictly out of preference. On the other of my fellow journalist exclusively uses his phone because that’s his preference. I also posted one of his stories below as well.  

Hope that answers your question.



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