RØDE VideoMic Pro+

VideoMic Pro+

Posted July 27, 2017
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RØDE, the popular microphone and camera accessory company, announced the new VideoMic Pro+ this week which builds on and improves the already popular VideoMic Pro. 

What makes both of these mics great is their high quality performance, while not relying on XLR input. Most mics that are of high quality use XLR inputs as it ensures a richer sound, however many consumer level cameras (including more DSLRs of consumer or professional level) don't have XLR inputs, which can put some video producers in a bind. This is where RØDE stepped in to create something high quality but still accessible to a broad range of filmmakers and video producers.

Like the VideoMic Pro, the plus version has a build in mount that works with most cameras, and can run on batteries or USB charge. 

Check out the full specs and features in this video:

You can pre-order the VideoMic Pro+ from B&H here.