Spectrum1 (Los Angeles) MMJ Itay Hod's report on addiction and redeption

Posted October 01, 2019
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Most TV news reporters get an assignment, head out with the crew, do a stand up, ask a few questions and go home.

Spectrum1 in Los Angeles, with whom we have been working for year now, is a different kind of local news station -and it's working.

MMJ (or VJ, as we prefer) Itay Hod, a graduate of our NY video bootcamp about 6 months ago, initiates his own stories - just like a newspaper reporter would.

In this case, while shooting a story about homeless in LA (in which he moved in with a homeless family who were living in a tent), he encoutered another homeless man who was just headed into rehab.

Wondering what happened to him, Itay picked up the thread. 

He found him and here's his story, shot entirely on an iPhoneX.

You won't see this kind of reporting; this kind of journalism on any other local TV station.

But you will be seeing a lot more of it on Spectrum.  


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