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Learn to Create Amazing Special Effects in Final Cut Pro X

Posted February 06, 2018
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We are launching a new series here at TheVJ.com looking at how to create some really amazing special effects in Final Cut Pro X. Some effects covered in the series include: color isolation and replacement, cloning subjects in the frame, changing the sky and more!

Many people believe that the world of special effects is impossible to crack. That learning to edit and learning to do special effects are two entirely different arenas. This is not the case though, with a little bit of practice you can achieve a lot in video editing. Additionally, there are some really simple things you can do that will give you amazing results.

These simple, yet visually striking effects that you can create with our help will really elevate your video to the next level. When distributing and promoting your work on various online platforms it is always good to be able to break through all the noise and clutter and really make your video stand out. Having interesting, eye-catching, visuals will help your work break through all of that and capture a viewers attention. 

In the first installment of our series we are looking at color replacement. That is that in Final Cut Pro X, and in other editing softwares like Adobe, you can take a color in the frame and change it without affecting the rest of the video. In the example in our lesson we are looking at how to change a character's sweater from red to blue.

Check out the series here, and make sure to check back for more in our series including how to clone your subject and have three of the same character in the frame!


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