LumaFusion Special Effects: Green Screen

Posted April 25, 2018
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There's a lot going on at this week. Continuing our new lessons on special effects in editing, learn how to use the green screen effect in LumaFusion, the editing App for mobile devices. This is a simple but very powerful technique enabling you to place your subject in a completely different scene.

Watch the new lesson here

LumaFusion is one of the most powerful editing apps for smartphone out there. You can have multiple tracks of video and audio and gives you a lot of manual control, especially with audio, that you can otherwise only get on a desktop application.

Green screen effect can be a very useful tool that can help with many different types of videos. This technique, which you've seen in Hollywood movies and TV used to be hard to pull off, but in today's editing apps it's incredibly easy. If you don't use LumaFusion, we have lessons on how to create this effect in iMovie, Final Cut, and Premiere as well. 

Learn more about LumaFusion by watching the full course here.

If you haven't already learned an editing software, then you can choose from a variety of courses in our editing section, and if you want to learn a new software, or brush up on one you already know, then you'll find our editing section very useful. Additionally, you can learn to edit specific kinds of videos including a pitchreelmusic videos, or a long-form documentary

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