When A TV Anchor Picks Up A Phone

Posted 2 years, 8 months ago


For three years, Bryan Boes @bryanboes was a TV anchor at KYTX 19, the CBS affilaite in San Antonio. 

He sat at a desk and read stories into a camera.

It's a job, and a lot of people aspire toward it.  It pays pretty well.

But when the opportuinty to ditch the chair and head out into the field appeared with Spectrum News 1 in Texas he jumped at it.

Last week, he went through our one-week MMJ video storytelling bootcamp.  

Participants in the bootcamps make 2 video stories during the week. They shoot everything on an iPhone. Some people edit on the phones as well. We only use iPhones - both for the bootcamps and then for air after the bootcamp is over.

We teach TV reporters to work the way newspaper reporters work -on their own.  Newspaper reporters carry a pad and pencil and head out to find stories.  MMJs carry an iPhone, head out and find stories.

We don't do stand ups, police tapes, b-roll, talking heads, interviews or man on the street soundbites. 

We teach our grads to essentaily make movies - marrying Hollywood storytelling techniques to great journalism.  Great characters. Great stories.

The story you looked at above was done by Bryan durnig the bootcamp.

It's a powerful piece of television journalism.

A one-dayu turn.

All on his own.






That's what makes a great jouranlist.

Which is what Bryan Boes is

And he is just getting started


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