Mic Room
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Mic Room

Posted June 05, 2017
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Mic Room is an app from IK Multimedia is an extremely powerful and easy-to-use microphone modeling app for your iPhone or iPad. If you have tried to record voiceover on your phone and aren't quite happy with the quailty, tone or tenor of it, Mic Room may be for you.

It uses a variety of filters for your device's built-in mic to make it sound more like a professional recording. The app, available on the Mac App Store for free with in app purchases, has 8 different microphone models to choose from which will give you a different kind of sound. 

This app is perfect if you are producing video on your smartphone and working mostly in the field. You may not have your microphones with you and may be recording VO in the closet of your AirBNB but this app will help you sound like you are in the studio. Perfect for quick turnarounds and working on your iPhone.