GorillaPod tripod

Holiday Gift Guide: GorillaPod Flexible Tripod from JOBY

Posted 4 years ago

The Holiday Season is upon us. It's time to start thinking about (and buying) some gifts for the people in your life. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, family members, or yourself, we have some great ideas for you here at VJ. One such gift is the GorillaPod flexible tripod. 

The JOBY GorillaPod flexible tripod is a very small, light-weight, flexible tripod that can stand almost any environment. We usually say that you can shoot anything without a tripod, and that's true, but sometimes there is a shot that you may want to get that you just can't reach yourself -- or even with a standard tripod. The GorillaPod is perfect for this situation. This is not your typical tripod. Its flexible legs mean that you can stand, wrap, or connect the GorillaPod to almost anything. You can wrap the legs around a light post, on uneven surfaces indoors and outdoors, or even wrap the legs up and use it as an steadycam hack.

The GorillaPod has been around for a while now and comes in many different sizes. It really is great for putting the camera somewhere you wouldn't think of normally. A place where someone may tell you that you wouldn't be able to put a camera there. 

The GorillaPod is perfect for DSLRs, GoPros, smartphones, and almost any light-weight camera. It is a great gift for the video producer you know who is always looking for creative shots and works in unpredictable settings. You can buy one from Amazon for $41.

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