What Happens When The Chief Photographer Becomes an MMJ- and Starts To Work With an iPhone

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago


I had never heard of Disc Golf.

Apparently its a big thing.

Or it's going to be. 

So says Spectrum News 1 North Carolina Chief Photographer Kurt Story.

As his 2nd bootcamp video story, he shot, tracked, edited and produced the story above about Disc Golf.

Disc Golf.

Who ever heard of it?

But then again, until recently, who ever heard of a Chief Photog at a major TV news channel ditching all of his expensive gear and not just using, but thoroughly embracing both an iPhone as his camera and becoming an MMJ.

If so, you have not met Kurt Story.

Chief Photographer AND Disc Golf enthusiast.

Take a look at his story.

Well shot

Well scripted

Well reported

Well told

Well edited

Well done.

It would seem that both iPhone MMJing and Disc Golf are here to stay

And growing in popularity

So says Kurt.


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