How to Become a Wedding VJ

Posted 5 years, 5 months ago

Every industry needs video these days and weddings are no exception. While having a videographer at a wedding is not new business by any means, it has certainly become more popular, more accessible and more professional in recent years. With access to high quality cameras people around the world are getting professional video of their special day which is more than just a wide shot of the ceremony.

One videographer, YouTuber Trent Dabos3 Madden, is documenting his journey becoming a wedding VJ and his tips for getting into the business yourself.

Wedding videography is an exciting space you can get into with plenty of business opportunities. There are many weddings around the world all the time and all of them are going to want video for the special day. Additionally, as people become more video literate and sophisticated, they are going to want more than just video of the ceremony. They want a story. The wedding day afterall is a story in an of itself, and is the story of two people.

People want video in all aspects of their lives and weddings are no different. This is an area that is most definitely going to continue to grow and present an amazing business opportunity for video producers around the world. Clients will not only want video of the reception and party, but also a small documentary about the day, something they can put on social platforms and something that has a sophisticated look.


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