Let's Make a TV Show

Posted June 01, 2017
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We have known Michael Murphy for years,

He is the consummate Video Journalist.
Although he has a full time job as a carpenter in Seattle, (and a pretty good on, based on his photos Facebook), he spends pretty much every spare minute (and very spare dollar, I would guess) fulfilling his life long passion of traveling the world.
He has also been talking a video camera with him for as long as I have known him (which is a long time). He has been producing his own videos for his own Youtube Channel for years.
We posted a job for a full time VJ on Long Island on Facebook today, and Michael, in a joking way, asked if we could move the location to Seattle.
We can’t. 
But he said he was off to India to travel and shoot more.
That gave me an idea. 
Many years ago (too many) I produced Anthony Bourdain’s first series for The Food Network. Bourdain, of course, has gone on to great success (without me). But when I met him, Tony Bourdain was a chef in NY with no travel experience- but the marriage of a great chef and travel made sense. But what about a great woodworker and carpenter and travel?
I mean. why not?
He could go to some of the favelas and shantytowns around the world, from Niger to The Philippines and do a kind of Flip or Flop meets Travel. It is worth a shot.
So I said to Michael - let’s take a crack at it. 
And we will. 
If I can do it with him, I can do it with you.


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