London Keeps Calm & Carries On

Posted March 24, 2017
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Dan Snow is a BBC television presenter who works on history programs for the network. In the wake of the London terror attack this week many differing accounts have surfaced from various news outlets as to how the city is reacting to the event. Dan wanted to refute the claim that London had become "defeated and demoralised" so he took to the streets of the city on his way to work and shot a first hand account of what it's really like.

This is a great example of citizen journalism as it is an unfiltered look at the story. It's whole purpose is to immerse you in the city, and it truly does. Furthermore it has a message that the city is keeping calm and carrying on and the video does a very good job of presenting that narrative. The amazing thing here is that because of Dan's celebrity he is able to get this video noticed by the world. 

While Dan works in television for the BBC, it is not expected that he could wield a camera and edit a piece like this together but he's done a great job. This is a level of comfort that every person who works in television, from the cameraman to the presenter, should be video literate. That is to say they can shoot, edit and tell a story. If everyone at the BBC was as video literate as Dan then rather than rely on the evening broadcast for an update on the city of London, every employee could file a report, like Dan's, and show the world how it truly is.


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