Equipment: Vufine+ Wearable Video Display

Posted June 15, 2017
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Introducing Vufine+

Vufine+ is a high definition wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology, truly unlocking its full potential. Although not specifically designed for cameras, it is a great way to easily monitor your viewfinder without having to put your head to the camera or use an external monitor. The VuFine+ just connects to your camera using an HDMI cable and the feed will be displayed right above your eyeline.

One of the biggest issues when you are out on a shoot is making sure your shots look as good as you think they do. Because we use small cameras we are able to put them in interesting places to get great shots, but a lot of times that means we can't look at the camera screen or view finder. That's where Vufine comes in, putting the display right up to you on a google glass type device.

The Vufine is availble now for $199 and you can purchase it and find out more here.


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