Facebook's Video Problem (Video News in 60 Seconds)

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago

It's been a bad news week for Facebook, and major video publishers are exploring other platforms for their content.

Every day, TheVJ.com looks at the most important news events and trends related to the world of video and television and compresses it to a 60 second report. 

The world of video is changing fast. Cable channels are scrambling to compete with online video; online video is becoming a serious player in the world of television; 70% of online traffic is now video; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat and just about everyone else are moving to video, and in the process presenting entirely new ways to make money with your video. Meanwhile, smartphone and iPhone video is rapidly displacing conventional DSLR and video cameras as the best way to shoot professional quality video, at the lowest cost. 

  • If you want to have a career in video.  
  • If you want to learn how to make money with your video. 
  • If you want to become a professional video producer.
  • If you want to make money with your YouTube Channel
  • If you want to start your own TV network

You HAVE to stay informed on the latest in video technology, new editing software, the global video marketplace, new online video platforms, who is paying for video, what are platforms like Facebook Watch or YouTube Red looking for, and so much more.

There is only one place that combines all this information and presents it in a neat, tight, easy and fun to watch package – TheVJ.com’s All The Video News You Need In 60 Seconds.  

Available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our YouTube Channel, and of course, at www.TheVJ.com.


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