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Posted November 01, 2017
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The VeeR Editor app is an amazingly simple 360-degree video editing app for iOS and Android that simplifies 260 editing for those working in the format.

VR and 360 video have become the latest frontier in video exciting producers and viewers alike with the immersive video experience. The popularity of the format can be seen somewhat as a novelty, but integration from YouTube and Facebook, as well as relatively cheap hardware from the likes of Samsung and Google have let to an explosion in its popularity. More and more cameras designed for 360 have been hitting the market recently and have made the technology more accessible to the average consumer and with it more and more people are creating 360 and VR content.

One of the most difficult aspects of producing 360 video is editing it. Most video editing softwares to not support the format, and, depending on the camera you use, stitching together the footage can be a tedious and laborious process. The new free app, VeeR Editor, wants to change that.

The app is designed for footage that is shot on self-stitching cameras, which are more widely available these days, and makes editing them quickly on your smartphone easy. Producers can easily edit sections out of their clips, add graphics and animations, and exports high res videos that you can easily upload to your favorite platform all right from your phone. This can be great when you want to turn around a video fast and work on your smartphone as many producers want to do these days. 

VR is a format which is still in many ways in its infancy and a lot of what people do with it is pretty primitive. All we get so far with 260 and VR are long takes of wide shots that usually don't have a lot going on. However, as the technology gets into more consumer and producers' hands, like cameras and editing softwares, the more innovative uses we will see develop.

Download the app here for either iOS or Android.

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