Vimeo Stock Will Pay You for Your Footage

Posted September 06, 2018
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Vimeo has launched a new stock footage library on its platform that offers members royalty free footage to use in their videos -- for a modest membership fee. Even more interesting for us is that they are taking submissions from video creators and will pay you for any footage they put on the site. 

The kicker for you as a video producer is the revenue split that they are offering. Unlike other services which usually pay around 35% on revenue, Vimeo is offering producers 60-70% depending on the footage.

This is an amazing opportunity for video producers. If you are trying to make a living in video this is a great way to supplement your income. Chances are you are shooting things everyday, and it can't be hard to get some footage to put on stock sites, like Vimeo, to make a little extra cash.

The footage on the platform is handpicked and curated so that only the best of the best is available. See whether your footage will make the cut and make some money along the way. Check it out here.

Stock footager is a growing business as more and more people and businesses are using video for their professional lives. Not every business can afford to create their own video so stock footage has quickly become a big business and Vimeo is getting in. Vimeo has had trouble finding its footing in the world of online video platforms as it is popular among professionals, but not the general public. By getting into the stock footage business, maybe Vimeo can find its footing. 


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