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Go Mic Mobile from Samson

Posted September 10, 2018
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The Go Mic Mobile from Samson is a wireless microphone for smartphones that is a great option for video producers. The 2.4GHz digital wireless system comes with a lavaliere microphone and transmitter, a receiver, a traditional stick mic that can connect to the receiver, and a multitude of adaptors that can connect the receiver to your Apple or Android deice.

It's no secret that we love smartphones here at TheVJ.com. They have really revolutionized the way that we both produce and consume video. No matter what you are making in video on your smartphone audio is very important and sometimes the smartphone microphone is not enough.

Maybe you want your subject across the room, or your out in a noisy area, but either way you want a microphone right on your subject. Most of the options available now for smartphones are wired connections. This is not an ideal solution as it takes away the flexibility from your shoot -- you can only go where your subject goes and you are tethered to them.  There are some wireless options out there but most of them either require adaptors or separate interfaces but the Go Mic Mobile allows you to just mount, plug, and play.

The receiver has a clip mount that will connect it to your phone and then you just have to plug it in. It will connect to the transmitter and without any major set up it will override your smartphone microphone and give you the professional wireless audio you want. 

Learn more about the wireless system here, and see where to buy here.


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