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Filmic Pro: The Best Shooting App for Smartphones

Posted March 28, 2018
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This week we release our updated course for the Filmic Pro App for Smartphones. The app is hands down the best shooting app out there giving you tremendous manual control of your phones camera and tons of other amazing features.

There has never been a better time to be a video creator. There is a huge demand for content and it has never been easier to produce that content professionally. Most smartphones these days have broadcast and cinema quality cameras and what makes it even easier is that you can shoot, edit, and distribute right from the phone. If you want your footage to look great and have full control over your image, then you should definitely download the Filmic Pro App.

In this new updated course we are looking at the latest version of Filmic Pro which includes a whole new array of features. Like with the previous versions you have full control over focus, exposure, zoom, and white balance, as well as the ability to make adjustments to these after you've shot your footage.

What's new, and most exciting, in this update is Filmic Pro's Live Analytics. The Live Analytics lets you monitor your focus and exposure in real time as you shoot so you get the perfect image every time. These features, like zebra stripes and peaking lines, are usually only available on higher-end video cameras, but now you can have it right in your pocket. You'll never have to wonder if your focus is just right, or if you are over or under-exposed.

Additionally, Filmic Pro lets you set pull points for focus, exposure, and zoom so that you can pull of rack moves like you see in the movies.

Watch the new course here, check out more courses for mobile devices here, and if you aren't a member check it out with a 10-day free trial here.


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