Joe Little, one of our past trainees wins an NPPA Award for Best Video Journalism

Posted January 20, 2017
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You don't need a crew to make a great video. We say this all the time, but today we want to give you a great example.

Joe Little, a video journalist  that we trained and working in San Diego, shoots and edits his own pieces everyday. Recently, Joe did a report on wildfires and has won an NPPA award for his work.

We trained Joe at KGTV in San Diego and taught him the VJ way. He went through the same bootcame we still do today, and here on  With the right tools, and the knowledge of clean shooting and storytelling you could win an award just like Joe.

 Check out the video below:

The video is a great example of how with discipline you can make a perfect video with out a crew.  You don't need big cameras, you dont need big lights, you just need a good story and proper storytelling. 

As it is just Joe, he is able to make a more intimate story. We are able to get a front row seat to the story, instead of feel like a report.  You can do this, so start making videos today.

Congratulations Joe! 


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