New Gear: Steadicam Volt for Smartphones

Posted January 13, 2017
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A new product on Kickstarter is hoping to help you out with that shaky footage from your smartphone. One of the biggest problems with videos shot on your phone is that they can come out shaky. Nothing takes away from a videos quality as much as shaky footage -- well maybe bad audio. 

The Steadycam Volt is a steadicam dervice for your smartphone that will stabilize your footage. There are a number of products on the market right now to help with shakey footage, including gimbals we've featured here from DJI and GoPro. Now the Steadicam Volt wants to help you make professional quality video with your phone.

Check out details here

From the Kickstarter page:

Steadicam, the ORIGINAL camera stabilization choice of Hollywood, is proud to introduce the Steadicam Volt™.

For the last 40 years Steadicam has given filmmakers the ability to capture smooth and shake free video, allowing them to create some of the worlds most outstanding content.

With the advancements in technology and the every day use of our smartphones, we took our Academy Award Winning Steadicam Stabilizing technology and have now put it in the palm of your hand.

By using the Steadicam Volt you too will have the ability to capture memorable moments professionally and right from your smartphone!


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