Libraries, Projects and Events

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Subject: Editing

Title: Libraries, Projects and Events


The differences between Libraries, Projects and Events in FCP X are explained.


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One of the strengths of Final Cut Pro is that it allows for an extremely customizable experience for the user. To take advantage of this, it’s important to understand the difference between Libraries, Projects and Events and what they do.

A Library contains both projects and events in one place. Think of Libraries as a way to collect and organize related projects and events at a higher level. Another important feature of the Library is that it can be moved from one computer to another, allowing you work on multiple machines if you need to.

When you move the Library, all the events, and projects that are contained within it go with it. An Event is like a folder that contains the unedited original media clips that you imported. A library can hold as many events as you’d like.

A Project is contained inside of an Event, and it’s the video you create on your timeline. You can have an unlimited number of Projects inside of an Event. By understanding each of these terms and what they do, you can harness the powerful organizational tools that Final Cut Pro offers.

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