The Blessing Box - Spectrum News 1 MMJ Rose Eilkor does a 1-day turn on an iPhone with great results

Posted July 14, 2020
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Rose Eiklor is an MMJ with Spectrum News 1 in North Carolina. 

Last week, she completed our intensive 5-day video bootcamp done virtually.

As part of the bootcamp, each participant shoots, tracks and edits a story on their iPhone -a one day turn.  (Actually they do two, this was her second).

Take a look at it.

What makes it work is a sense of intimacy that you feel with the story.

You, the viewer, feel as though you are there with these people as they drive across from Blessing Box to Blessing Box in rural North Carolina.

It feels that way because of the way that Rose shot it, and this was only possible because it was only Rose and her iPhone.

Working with an iPhnoe gives the MMJ (and the viewer) a sense of intimacy. 

A sense of being there, in the moment.

The story captures you visually.

It is designed that way.

How much better this as a local news story than your usual reporter stand up, man on the street interview, b-roll and talking heads.

We are taking Hollywood movie making techniques and marrying them to journalism.

And it works.

It's a whole new kind of local TV news. 


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