Equipment: Lenovo Teases All Screen Phone

Posted May 15, 2018
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Smartphone manufacturer Lenovo teased a new phone this week which is going to be almost all screen on the front. They claim the screen takes up 95% of the front of the camera rivaling Apple's iPhone X and other competitors. The trend is clear: big screens are in vogue.

The new phone, titled the Z5, is still shrouded in mystery, but the sketch provided by Lenovo certainly shows a lot of screen. What we're interested in before we tell you to consider buying is what kind of camera this device will have. If they're trying to compete with Apple, Samsung, and Google it's going to have to be pretty good. Also, where are they going to put the front facing camera?

Screens have dominated our tech culture for the past 50 years and the recent surge in smartphone screen size is a product of the ubiquity of video on these devices. The more people want to watch video content on their phones, and the more demand for video content there is, both professionally and otherwise, the larger the screen size of the devices get.

The screen culture has taken over and presents an amazing opportunity to those who want to create content for those screens. Now that almost every new phone on the market has a huge screen, more and more people are going to be turning to those screens for content, making video content a hot commodity.

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