2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted December 13, 2016
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The holiday season is upon us! That means it's time to get gifts for everyone on your list.  We hav you covered  for gift ideas for the video or technology lover in your life.  Check out the video above and the list below for some great ideas!

1: SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

First up is a flash drive for your phone.  Getting media off your phone can be a process.  You need to plug it into your computer, use a photo or video app, put them in a folder.  Not anymore.  Use this flashdrive to get media off your phone effortlessly and quickly. 

Check out details and buy for $49.95 from B&H.

2: Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the personal assistant for your home.  A box for siri, or Alexa as Amazon calls her, this is a great gift for someone who likes to stay organized and be up on tech trends. 

Buy from Amazon for $139.96, or the new second generation Echo Dot for $39.99

3: Moshi iGlaze

The Moshi iGlaze is a battery case that fits right onto your iPhone.  Easily the most frustrating part of owning an iPhone is the battery life.  With the Moshi iGlaze you can charge on the go and make sure you have power all day. 

Buy from Amazon for $29.

4: Nest Cam

Video survailance is a field we don't discuss a lot here, but the Nest Cam shows you how innovations in video technology can be applied to other fields.  Monitor from your smartphone, the Nest Cam lets you always keep an eye on your home and alerts you when the unexpected happens.

Buy from Amazon for $199.

5: Apple TV

Apple TV is a great gift for the cord cutter in your life.  The Apple TV lets you stream TV and movies, has many apps built in and now with siri is fully function within the Apple ecosystem.  Great for screening your latest work on your TV.

Buy from Apple from $149.

6: GoPro Hero5

We love GoPro.  They are great for getting shots you never imagined you could get.  Put it in the oven and see how your cookies bake! Now with a new design and some great new features, the Hero5 is a perfect gift this holiday season.

Buy from GoPro from $399.99.

7: Chromecast

Chromecast is like the Apple TV without the interface.  How very Google. Just plug it into your TV and you can stream video from your computer, tablet or smartphone right to your television.

Buy for $25 until Christmas.

8: Google Cardboard

VR is in and starting to really get rolling. With plenty of content available for your smartphone, you can use Google Cardboard to turn your smartphone screen into a VR screen.  Cardboard is the cheap option in the VR world, but works great and easily lets you show your frineds what VR is all about. 

Buy from Amazon for $15.99 for a limited time only.

9: DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Drones are also in. Now that the FAA is involved flying a drone is a littme more of a process than it used to be, particularly if you are using it for business purposes. But if you still need a drone, why not get the best one on the market: the Phantom 3.  The Phantom 3 can fly up to 25 minutes with the included intelligent battery and comes with a attached 2.7K HD camera.

Buy from Amazon.

10: Samsung Gear VR Headset

If you want the best VR experience while still using your phone, the Samsung Gear VR is the pick for you.  Made of plastic not cardboard, comes with a comfortable strap and headset, this is the VR headset that you need for VR video from your phone.

Buy from B&H for $99.99.

Honorable Mentions:

Rode Shotgun Mic for Smartphone - $249.00 from B&H.
FilmicPro Video App - $9.99 from App Store.
DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal - $299 from B&H.
If you have some more gift ideas, let us know in the comments!


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