Spectrum News 1 MMJ Alexis Bell

A Single Mother Grapples With The Difficult Choice Of Sending Her Daughter Away In The Face of The Pandemic

Posted August 19, 2020
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In most TV local news stories, the reporter gets an assignment in the morning then heads out with the camera person to shoot the story in an hour or so.

They get the exterior 'establishing shot'.

They do an interview or two

They get some b-roll

Then they come back to the station to cut it all together into yet another cookie-cutter, predicatble and boring 'package' for the news.

Not at Spectrum 1 North Carolina

Not when you have MMJs who work with iPhones on their own.

Take a look at the story above, entitled HARDSHIP

Spectrum News 1 MMJ (and graduate of our bootcamp) Alexis Bell embedded herself with a family.  She was there when the alarm went off at 4:30 AM to start the day. 

She was there for breakfast and morning prayers

She was there when Shay Keesee drove off in the darkness to head off to work as a surgical nurse.

She was also there when Shay made the difficult and painful decision to send her daughter off to live with her own mother so she could have a better education.

Millions of parents are faced with similar choices in this time of Covid-19.

This is a story that any parent can relate to.

But it touches the heart becuase of the way it is shot, edited and produced.

You are there.

That is MMJ reporting.

No stand ups

No b-roll

No sit down interviews and talking heads






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