Sony RXO

Sony's New Action Camera: Sony RXO

Posted September 15, 2017
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Sony has just unveiled their newest camera, and the company is trying to give GoPro a run for its money.

The new action camera, the RXO, comes with Sony RX series-level image and video quality, but it’s compressed into a durable, compact body, taking away the limitations or larger more fragile cameras. The camera measures measures 59mm by 40.5mm by 29.8mm so it is great for on the go shooting and action situations like sports. The camera is not quite as durable as a GoPro, but has similar water-proof and shock-proof specs. The RXO also has a built-in Zeiss lens for added quality.

The camera shoots both video and photos and has a built-in super slow-motion function. The RXO shoots video with full HD at 60 fps. The camera comes with a cage that has over 30 screw holes for plenty of attachments to support whatever set up you are looking for. 

You can pre-order the RXO from Amazon for $700 -- a high price tag compared to GoPro's Hero 5 which you can get for $399.