Vimeo Introduces 360 Video

Posted March 09, 2017
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Vimeo announced this week that it is adding support for 360 video on its platform. 360 video and VR have become increasingly popular to both consumers and producers. Just in the last year more devices to record 360 and VR have become commercially available and more platforms have integrated it as well. As more people get their hands on VR devices, the way in which stories are told using the technology will innovate and bring truly immersive experiences. We're excited to see what's next!

Vimeo 360: the new home for immersive storytelling from Vimeo on Vimeo.

Vimeo's 360° video features:

  • Upload 360° videos in up to 8K resolution; online and offline playback up to 4K
  • Powerful and Customizable Settings: Customize player embed settings, capture email leads, and insert calls-to-action directly in the embedded player. Set field of view, pitch, yaw (essentially latitude/longitude) and choose the exact point in space where the video begins. A compass in the player orients viewers and encourage interaction
  • 360 Video School: Educational resources and tutorials on 360° cameras, pre-production, shooting, and editing.
  • Open Marketplace to Sell 360° Videos: Sell your 360° content direct-to-audience worldwide through Vimeo On Demand and receive 90% of the revenue after transaction costs
  • Compatible with desktop, mobile, VR headsets

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