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What Makes a Great Video Editor

Posted May 01, 2018
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What makes a great video editor?

Great video editing isn't just technical ability, it's about much more than that. It's about visual storytelling.

While you can learn the techniques and technical aspects of video editing, what makes the most successful editor is the ability to create a powerful story through editing.

Editing a video is much more than assembling the shots, graphics, and sounds, you are assembling the story piece by piece how it will be consumed by the viewer. Sure you need the footage to be shot perfectly, and for the material to be compelling, but without good editing, your video won't attract or keep viewers. It is truly just as artistic as it is technical (if not more).

Veteran editor Roy Schneider in this video takes us through the editing process, and what it takes to be a great editor including storytelling, instinct, and versatility.

MSG Classroom Editing 101 from Roy Schneider on Vimeo.

Schneider shows that no matter what material you are working with, documentary, food, fiction, music, or even sports, all video is about storytelling. This is key to how we view not only editing but also all aspects of video production. At the end of the process, it is all about the story and that should be your focus no matter what stage of production you are at. At all times you must consider how any choice you make affects the story and how compelling your video is to your viewer. You can make something that is visually stimulating, filled with nice edits and effect, but if it doesn't have a story, don't expect people to watch and want more.

If you want to learn to produce compelling stories in video, then is the place for you. Our courses will teach you to make compelling stories from start to finish with courses in shooting, editing, and, most importantly, storytelling, as well as courses on how to turn these skills into a career -- including how to become a professional freelance video editor just like Roy. 

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