HeyMic! Smartphone Bluetooth Microphone
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HeyMic! Bluetooth Microphone for Smartphones

Posted November 20, 2017
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Your smartphone is an amazing tool for video production.

We have written many times before about how great we think smartphones can be for VJs and other video producers. They are small and lightweight, you can shoot stunning full HD (even 4K now) video, edit on them, and share right to the Internet. 

While there are many positives about producing video on your smartphone, there are a few drawbacks including audio. The microphone on smartphones are designed for talking on the phone, not for video. They are getting better with each new model, but they are still not as good as an external mic you would use with another camera. Luckily, there are plenty of external microphones designed specifically for smartphones that connect via the headphone jack or other port. Now, the HeyMic! Smartphone Microphone is making use of bluetooth to give smartphone video producers a wireless option.

The HeyMic!, now available for $112 for a limited time, is a bluetooth enabled wireless microphone that pairs with your smartphone to give you clean, clear, wireless sound for your smartphone videos. The microphone is pocket-sized and easy to use, pairing with your phone through a free app. Right now it is only compatible with iPhones, but they say that android support is coming before the end of 2017. The mic touts a range of 65 feet clear, which is a lot more room than you would get with any wired smartphone mic, which can be unwieldy. 

This is a great tool for video producers using smartphones who wish that they could mic a subject without having to follow them at a wire's length for the duration of the shoot. The HeyMic! gives you a lot more flexibility when you are shooting, which is exactly what you want when you are working with smartphones. 

Learn even more about audio and working with smartphones with courses from VJ.

Buy the HeyMic! here.

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