A Mother Dedicates Her Life To Making Sure Her Blind Daughter Has A Secure Future

Posted August 29, 2020
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Discovering that her daughter is legally blind, Karen Gerassi went back to school to learn to be a Braile teacher so she could teach her 6 year old daughter Josie to read Braile

Fewer than 10% of blind children can read Braile. Josie is now one of that small minority. But as Karen Gerassi says, of that 10%, fully 70%. can have jobs that will carry them for a lifetime.

Karen Gerassi changed her life and devoted it to make sure that her young daughter would have a future.

In this beautiful story, Spectrum News 1 (Ohio) MMJ Jordan Vilines creates a lovely piece - done in our 1-week intensive bootcamp - and all done with an iPhone.

This is a new kind of TV journalism  - one that is more personal, more powerful and more intimate.

But it works. 

As you can see


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