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Equipment: SMOVE Smartphone Stabilizer

Posted November 15, 2017
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SMOVE Stabilizer is a gimble for your smartphone that will take the shake out of your smartphone footage and make it look incredibly cinematic. 

Shooting with a smartphone is great. They can capture full HD (even 4K now) video, they are light, easy to use, and you can edit and publish right on them without ever having to plug into a laptop or desktop computer. One of the downsides of shooting with a smartphone, though, is the shaky footage you can end up with. Because phones these days are so light, even a shooter with the most steady hands can end up with a shooter with a little shake on it. Now, most editing softwares and apps have a stabilization tool, but even that can be unreliable sometimes and can leave you with some distorted footage. For smooth footage every time when shooting with your smartphone a stabilizer, like the SMOVE, is a great solution.

The SMOVE is not the first smartphone stabilizer on the market, but it certainly is one of the most cost effective and easy to use. Just clip your phone in and SMOVE does the rest. It balances your phone and accounts for all of the small shakes that your hand makes. The SMOVE comes with a built in charger so you can make sure that you never run out of battery while you are out shooting. The device is small enough to fit in your pocket and has a slew of advanced features like automated 360 degree panorama shots, auto face follow video recording, full rotational control for maximum stabilization, tripod and extension adapter mount.

Stabilizers are great for video producers who work a lot with their phones and are constantly out shooting on the go. If you are out working in the field this is a great tool to ensure that no matter what you are shooting, and no matter what environment you are in your footage will come out great every time.

Learn how to shoot professional quality videos with your smartphones here on VJ, and you can by the SMOVE Stabilizer here for $149 for a limited time.

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