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Slime YouTube Star Buys Huge House with Video Earnings

Posted June 26, 2017
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YouTube star Karina Garcia, known for making slime tutorials, has proved that creating your own video brand and channel can lead to massive success. Garcia makes videos about how to make DIY slime of all kinds, and according to a report in the Daily Mail, the 23 year old has just bought a huge six-bedroom house in California. 

Garcia's channel has over 5.7 million subscribers, her videos get millions of views, and she has been able to turn that success into some serious money -- including a book deal. Garcia's major income doesn't come from ads on her videos, which she gets a very small cut of due to YouTubes ad revenue sharing agreement, but rather her income is from a variety of sponsorships she has gotten from some major companies including Coca-Cola and Disney. Garcia was able to secure these sponsors because of her massive audience and consistent engagement. 

Now we know what you're thinking: how can I do this?

There are certainly plenty of lessons to take from Garcia's work and success. First and foremost is her niche. What works about these videos and helps make them incredibly popular is that she has found herself an interesting niche that she can corner. She has effectively made herself the world expert in slime. Now that may not sound so amazing, but it's made her very popular on YouTube. Once you have a niche you will find that there is a built in audience for that niche and you will have yourself a devoted community that will keep coming back. This is true whether you are making tutorial videos like Garcia, or making travel videos about Thailand -- you must have a niche.

Furthermore, you have to make a quality product. Just because you have a niche and expertise within that niche doesn't mean that you are have made a product that people want to watch. You must make sure the shooting is perfect, the storytelling compelling, and editing flawless. With so much video on the web, making sure yours looks professional will make you stand apart. 

Get out there, start your channel, and start making money!


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