ADWEEK: Vulture is Coming to Snapchat

Posted March 01, 2017
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Vulture, the culture and news website, announced that it will begin to produce content on Snapchat's discover platform. Snapchat's discover platform is a hub for content, tailored for mobile devices, from brands and news outlets around the world.

Many publishers have started utilizing Snapchat not only because of its video first focus, but also its popularity with younger audiences. These audiences have grown up in an age of video and it truly is the dominant form of communication for them. More and more, publishers are taking their video operations seriously, and finding new ways to reach audiences -- including Snapchat. Vulture recently posted video producer jobs for the Snapchat project, which you can check out on


In a statement, Michael Silberman, digital general manager of New York Media (Vulture’s publisher), commented:

Vulture’s smart but playful take on the world of entertainment has a sense of fun that’s a great fit with Snapchat Discover. The platform brings Vulture to a new, growing audience, and offers us the chance to learn more about the stories that resonate with Snapchatters.

Vulture’s Publisher Story will launch on Snapchat in the U.S. “in the coming weeks.”

See the full story here.


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