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Using Video To Get A Job

Posted February 21, 2019
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I have been looking at ZOOM, an only solution to incorporating live video conferencing with some of the lessons on TheVJ.

With the advent of 5G just around the corner, there's a whole new world of live streaming video with multiple players coming. It's a great way to teach new lessons on TheVJ - sort of brings the bootcamp experience to your phone...

At any rate...

When I went to the Zoom site, they make you sign up with your email and contact info, and then you get a call from one of their sales reps.  I don't particularly like this approach but I really wanted to find out more than the site offered, so I agreed to the call.

In a few hours, I got a call from one of their reps, a woman named Page Kemna.

She was actuall quite helpful - I registered and started to explore ZOOM, soon to appear on TheVJ, stand by.

But that is now why I am writing this.

Instead, as it turns out Page Kemna got her job with ZOOM in a most unusual way: She submitted a video to apply for the job.

When they saw the video, they hired her right away. 

No messy interviews, no drawn out Q&A.

It says a lot about the 'power of video' which is something we talk about all the time. It also says a lot about using video in a rather unconventional way:

Now, not everyone has the talent to do this kind of thing, or the chutzpah (as we say at TheVJ), but IMHO, in the world of video and using video to build your own brand, chutzpah often counts for as much as talent, if no more.

Video is an incredilby powerful medium. It breaks through the clutter.

We know that in the consumer world, people far prefer to watch video than to read text, and video makes a far deeper impact and 'sticks' longer. It also resonates better.

This seems to work not just for selling food or sneakers online, but also for marketing yourself.

So Page Kemna, with no prior experience in either online or marketing, was able to land her first job with ZOOM.

It worked. 


BIO: Page Kemna, 24-years-old, is an account executive at Zoom Video Communications. Originally from Kansas City, she moved out to Denver in 2013, where she attended the University of Denver. After graduating and looking for the right job for some time, she wrote a "resume song" to appeal to companies and recruiters, businesses. 



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