PIXI Pano360

PIXI Pano360 remotely controlled motorized head

Posted June 20, 2017
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The PIXI Pano360 is a motorized rotating head that can be attached to pretty much any tripod from the bottom and then can connect to standard cameras, GoPros and smartphones. 

The PIXI comes from Manfrotto, who are well known for quality tripod equipment, and it is light and compact and perfect for a VJ who wants to pack a light kit. 

The head does motorized pans controlled from the paired app, and is capable of doing a full 360 degree pan. This is great for landscape or city-scape shots and a great addition for any travel VJs kit. 

According to Manfrotto: 

It is equipped with ¼” inch thread screw on top and ¼” thread for tripods and is made of high quality metal, with small plastic details. It has a Bluetooth wireless connection and is controlled through both an included remote control and a dedicated iOS App. Precision panoramas and moving Time Lapse videos can be shot through the App, thanks to an intuitive and simple work-flow that guides users throughout all shooting options. 

You can purchase the PIXI from Manfrotto for £125 and get more information here.