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My RØDE Reel: World's Largest Short Film Competition

Posted June 06, 2017
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The world's largets short film competition is back! The My Rode Reel Competition is going to award over $500,000 in prizes incuding gear and software. Submissions close on june 30th, 2017, so get working before it's too late!

The competition has awards for over 25 categories and are accepting short films from all genres including, but not limited to, horror, documentary, music video, comdey, VR, Vlog and much more!

When you are an independant filmmaker or video producer making your film is only about half the battle; the other half is getting people to see your film, and competitions like this are a great way to get the word out, get more people to see your product, and maybe win some amazing prizes. 

RØDE has released a video series to help inspire contestants and here is one of those focused on documentary:

Check out all the categories, prizes and judges here and submit your work here by June 30th.


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