member Merle Braley covers the Women's March in Raleigh, North Carolina

No Film School: Filming a Protest? 6 Tips to Capture the Action

Posted February 09, 2017
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With protests and rallies more abundant these days more and more VJs are heading out into the field to cover them. We covered VJs covering the Women's March last month, and now No Film School has printed tome tips for video producers heading out to cover a protest.

Stay Mobile:

They suggest using a light weight DSLR, but we know that you can also do just as well with a smartphone. As long as it shoots HD and you can get good audio 

Know Your Rights

Read up on your rights before you head out there.

Think Like an Editor

Envision what your story will look like before you shoot it. What does the best case look like in your head, and then try to execute on that vision.

Work in a Team

It's good at these type of events to have someone else there to help or spread your coverage, but you can always do it solo.

Go Behind the Curtain

Dig for the deeper story. Don't just cover the protest, cover the stories of the people there. Remember small stories work best.

Turn Your Work Around Quickly

Read the full list from Alex Mallis for No Film School here.



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