Film School in 40 Minutes

Posted September 29, 2017
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I used to teach at both Columbia University and NYU.

Those schools charge an outrageous $64,000 a year.

If you go to NYU Film School, that will set you back nearly $200,00. Add in the Manhattan aparrtment, food and transportation and you are closer to $300K

That's either $300,000 that will bankrupt you for the rest of your life, of $300,000 that will bankrupt your parents.

In either case, it's pornographic.

And it's not necessary.

And let's be honest here.  99.9% of the students who attend NYU Film School (and the other lesser well known places) are NOT going to end up in Hollywood directing feature films. The same holds true for most of the students headed for bankrutcy in various jouranalism and 'media studies' programs.

When I taught at NYU, which I did for 8 years, I used to start my classes by telling my students (and I had nearly 350 students in a class):

"I want you to get up. Leave the class now. Go over the bursar's office and get your money back. Then I want you to go out and buy a little video camera (today we have phones) and I will teach you how to make perfect films in four days."

Some did. Most did not.

This rip off so annoyed me that Lisa and I were motivated to set up, our online film and video school.

But now, I want to do something more.

To prove the point, I am going to teach you to make perfect films and video in just 40 minutes.

That is all it takes.

And i am going to do it for free.

Call it The 40 Minute Video Challenge.

A challenge for me - an opportunity for you.

I am going to do this in our Midtown offices on Thursday, October 12th at 7PM

Spaces are limited.

If you would like to partiicapte, fill in this form

Hope to see you there.



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