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Itay Hod's Bootcamp Video

Posted June 19, 2019
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Itay Hod is a journalist's journaiist

Itay Hod has been a broadcast and print journalist for 15 years. He's had stints at NY1, CBS News, MTV's Logo channel, TMZ and Fuse TV, to name a few. His articles have appeared in Salon Magazine, Albany Times Union, Out Magazine, Genre, and The Daily Beast.

Although he came from newsapapers (and Israel before that), we met him last week when he particiapted in one of our intensive 4-day Producer's Bootcamps here in NY.

Itay is working as an MMJ (or VJ or MoJo or whatevr you want to call it) at Spectrum1, in LA.

They sent him to NY to spend a week with us, so that we could put him through the same process we have put all the MMJs (and the rest of the staff) through in LA.

It's not about the button pushing. That is about 5% of what we teach. The other 95% is the storytelling.

How to craft a great news story, one that has all the elements of a Hollywood movie. Because the people who are watching local news are also watching HBO and Netflix. They expect a similar kind of story - not a bunch of facts and a few shots of police tape.

So we teach storytelling

With an iPhone.

And a 1-day turn around. 

Which is what this was produced with

Take a look.

Next bootcamp is in October.

Call me if you are intersted. 

Spaces are limited.



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