Copyright tips to remember when producing online videos

Posted September 09, 2016
Share To has some great tips for video producers when it comes to legal issues.  Copyright and other legal issues can often be an after thought for video producers, particularly those producing content for the Internet.  This lands many in hot water and can cause some serious monetary and repuational damage.  You should really stay vigilant and disciplied when it comes to copyrighted material and take every precaustion you can to avoid lawsuit and embarrasment.

Here are some tips from of

As the demand for online video increases, some publishers are reshuffling their newsrooms, investing into larger video teams and developing workflows and technologies to make the production process more efficient.

News organisations are entering into partnerships with companies that use automation to streamline video production, while others, such as NowThis, have optimised their content management systems to allow video to be created and distributed quickly on social media platforms.

But as they are challenged with producing more and more of this type of content, what are some of the copyright issues journalists should be concerned with when shooting and editing online videos?

"Copyright is a very complex issue, as it looks like one of those big American club sandwiches because you get layer upon layer of it," Mike Dodd, media lawyer and co-author of the book McNae's Essential Law for Journalists, told

“This is why journalists who are dealing with copyright have to makesure that they are familiarised with the law, so that they know what they can and can’t do and what defences they might or might not have.”

Read the full tips here.


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