FrontRow Wearable Live Streaming Camera

Posted September 21, 2017
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Live streaming is an amazing tool for video producers. It is a great way to share what you're working on, interact with your fan-base, preview upcoming work, and much more. A travel video producer, for example, who is making a video in Rome, can go live while exploring the city to promote interest for the upcoming video and get suggestions from the viewers. One problem though is that in many cases its a choice between going live, and working on your video -- particularly if your smartphone is your primary camera.

Introducing FrontRow. 

FrontRow is a wearable HD camera that has built-in wifi and can stream video directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter right from the device. The two inch round device has an 8MP camera that can both stream and record to internal memory. With both streamed material and recorded video you can use the pairing app to transfer video to your smartphone. 

According to FrontRow, it has battery life of 45 minutes streaming, and up to 16 hours in timelapse mode. It also has an LCD touch screen for mode selection and to review your video.

Check out this video from FrontRow:

You can buy the camera for $399 from Amazon.