Creating a Project

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Subject: Editing

Title: Creating a Project


How to create a project in iMovie.


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Before you can start editing in iMovie, you need to first create a new movie project. If iMovie isn’t already open, launch it by clicking on the icon in your Dock or double clicking the icon in the Applications folder.

Next go up to the File menu, and choose New Movie. The Themes window will open. Themes in iMovie add graphic transitions, music along with various other graphic elements such as openers and closers. To preview a particular theme, press the play icon located in the center of each theme thumbnail image to watch it.

If you don’t want any theme, just click the “No Theme” option and then click the “Create” button in the lower right corner. A window will open, allowing you to name your project, and choose an event to save your project to. Once you’ve made your choices, click OK. A new project will open in your Timeline window, ready for you to start editing.

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