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New Gear: Samsung Galaxy S8

Posted April 05, 2017
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Last week, Samsung announced its latest smartphone: the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The Galaxy series is one of the top Android models and has constantly challenged Apple for prominence and innovation in the smartphone market. The S8 is no exception as many of its features are rumored to be included in the next iPhone.

The Galaxy S8 comes with a whole assortment of new features and hardware the many mobile video producers will like.  First off is the phones infinity screen. The screen reaches all the way to the edge of the phone and measures a 5.8" display on the S8 and a 6.2" display on the S8+.  

Onto the camera, the phone has a 8MP back camera with a 1.4μM image sensor and a 8MP front facing camera. This camera really rivals the iPhone as it records up to 4K and does very well in natural light. 

Additionally you can pair the phone with Samsung Gear VR which has also released a new small VR and 360 video camera that can be bundled with the phone. Furthermore, like the iPhone 7 and 7+, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones are water and dust resistant.

You can pre-order the phone now from Samsung and it will be released officially on April 21.

Check it out here.



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