New Gear: Pixel smartphone from Google

Posted 5 years ago

Google announced this week that it is releasing its new Google branded phone called Pixel.  The smartphone will rival iPhone and other Android devices, but how will it leave its mark in the already over-saturated smartphone market.  The key for Google is the full Android and Google ecosystem that will be completely available from the phone.  This includes Google Assistant, Google Drive and Duo -- the company's new video calling service.

The phone looks like it could rival the iPhone and its competitors featuring a cinematic display, VR capabilities, claimed 7 hours of battery life after only 15 minutes of charge and a number of other fairly standard smartphone promises.

Important to us though is the camera, and it looks like this camera may very well be one of the best on the markets now -- it has already received a 89 DxOMark Mobile score.  The camera has a 12MP lens, large 1.55μm pixels and Google claims that it works very well in low light.  

So move over iPhone, and Galaxy, there may be a new brand to look out for when making you mobile kit.


See all the details from Google.


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