Samsung S21
Samsung S21

Samsung to Announce New Phones for 2021

Posted January 06, 2021
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Samsung has announced an event for January 14th where they are expected to introduce their new line of phones for 2021. The launch will take place during the virtual CES 2021 and will likely unveil three new phones in the Galaxy series: the S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra. Samsung usually announces their phones in February, but have moved the date up this year -- possibly to compete more with the new line of Apple iPhone 12s.

While what we know about the Galaxy S21 models are just rumors at this point, with these announcements the rumors mostly turn out to be true this close to the reveal. As with most smartphones these days the major upgrades come with the camera systems. For the S21 and S21+, both models have three camera systems similar to that of the iPhone. Both are said to have the same 12 megapixel wide and 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle lenses with optical stabilization included as the S20 models. As for the telephoto lens, it has gotten a slight upgrade being slightly smaller in size, but with 64 megapixels. 

The S21 Ultra is where things get more interesting. This model is rumored to have five, that's right, five different lenses on the back camera system. In addition to the wide and ultra-wide lenses, it will have a 3X telephoto lens and a 10X telephoto lens offering much more depth to your shots. As for the other lens, it's possibly another wide-angle but we may have to wait for the announcement to find out.

Once the phone is announced make sure to check back here for a full breakdown of the new smartphones' features.


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