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Posted March 16, 2018
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About 10 years ago, we invested in a State-of-the-Art flat screen TV, surround sound, Mac Mini, DVD player, you name it.... 

The Sony flat screen monitor cost about $2500, if I remember correctly, maybe more.  

We had it hung on the wall, and we had the cables put into the wall. They ran all over the house to connect the speaker system - speakers also embedded in the wall.  

Everything terminated below the TV, so that everything could be connected to the TV.  

Last week, we decided to replace the 'system' with a Smart TV. These do everything (hello cable cutting!), and they don't need any wires at all (hello SONOS).

When we pulled the credenza away from the wall, this is what was connecting the 'system'.

In Britain, this is what we call 'spaghetti junction'.

We don't need any of these anymore - except the electrical plug...

How quickly technology changes.

It's the same with the cameras.

We used to have about 40 various video cameras, for training and for production.

We are selling pretty much everything on eBay.

It's all iPhones all the time now.

We're also selling the SONY monitor.

The one from the bedroom (gone last week) went for $100 - plus come and pick it up.

One minute it's State-of-the-Art, the next, a paperweight. 

Remember paper?


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