The Post Corona World

Posted March 25, 2020
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This is all going to come to an end

Some day.

No one knows when, but it will eventually come to an end.


When it does, we are going to be living in a very different world.

One tempered by the fires of this event.


One thing that is going to change for sure is the way that we work.


Online: Online learning, online meeting, online conferences, online socializing- 

Using video streams like Zoom or Facetime.  


Only a month ago, Lisa and I flew to Amsterdam to have a one hour meeting with a major media company there.


There were maybe 7 people at the meeting.


Last night, for a friend’s birthday, we did a group Facetime. 

There must have been a dozen people participating, from Berlin, Amsterdam, Italy, Brussels, NY and California




And a whole lot cheaper and less expensive than flying to Amsterdam – not to mention hotels, meals and taxis.


The same goes for education.


For years we have run in person bootcamps and had passive learning videos on


But now we are going to start using Zoom to take the power of the bootcamp –real time and participatory and marry it to the online world.

When all of this is over, my guess is that people will stick with the online experiences to a far greater extent than they do now.


As well, a lot of work that used to be done in offices is going to be done at home.


And why not?


The technology is there.

The office is an anachronism.


And the market is already reflecting this reality:




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