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Affordable 8K Cameras? RED & Foxconn Are Working On It

Posted February 13, 2018
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The camera giant RED and Foxconn (of iPhone production fame) are rumored to be working on an affordable 8K camera according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review

RED is already deep into production of its new 4K smartphone that they claim will revolutionize the smartphone cinema market, and now they have their eyes on 8K, and want to make it affordable (although the depends on their definition of affordable).

RED has long been the indie-film brand that was the gold-standard in cameras for indie budgets. They were never cheap, but they were less expensive than other options. Now that almost everyone is a indi-filmmaker with smartphones in their pockets, RED seems like they want to capture that market as well. The anticipated Hydrogen phone is their first foray into this space -- seemingly putting all the other aspects of a smartphone behind the camera. Now, with the news of an 8K camera for an "affordable" price it seems that they want to make an option that isn't a smartphone, but also isn't a shoulder-mount Hollywood camera.

It's unclear if there is an appetite for a camera like this, with many consumers and video producers satisfied with their smartphones, and it is expected that smartphone cameras (which get better and better with each passing year) will reach 8K as well at some point.

Whether or not you buy a RED, it is clear that affordable, cinema-quality cameras are in high demand with consumers which is only going to lead to better quality, for a less expensive price-tag, and that means more quality video.


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