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Upcoming Live Virtual Workshops on TheVJ.com

Posted October 08, 2020
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Next week, we are starting our latest series of live virtual workshops. Our virtual workshops will be interactive events on varying topics about video and your video business available to all VJ members. Hosted on Zoom, our instructors will take you through in-depth subjects and answer your questions along the way. We have an exciting slate of sessions coming up and will be announcing more in the coming weeks.

First, we are going to begin a series of workshops on Creating Your Own TV Channel. On Tuesday, October 13 at 1 PM ET we will have a workshop on live streaming, our first session in this series. Brett Savaglio will show you how live streaming can be used to help create a channel to promote you or your business. We will explore the different platforms from the basic social media options like Facebook and Instagram using just your smartphone, to how to create more elaborate live streams using an encoding software. Learn how to create live-streamed shows using multiple cameras and more sophisticated production techniques using graphics and pre-recorded segments. Live streaming using encoding software enables you to create highly professional programming for a very low cost. We will be looking in detail at how Livestream Studio and Switcher Studio work, how to create your studio, and how to connect it to your desired platform or multiple platforms. 

Our next workshop after that will be on Tuesday, October 20 at 1 PM ET on the topic of creating a music video on a budget. Making a music video does not have to be complicated and expensive. In this upcoming workshop, our instructor Bita Ghassemi will show you how to plan and produce great low-cost music videos. Bita will look at pre-production from how to find a band and plan the resources you need for your video to how to storyboard and schedule the filming. Bita will talk about her experience casting and equipping low and no-budget music videos, finding locations, and creating production value cheaply and simply. She will take you through the production phase from lighting and effects to getting the shots you need. In the post-production session, Bita will take you through how to edit and audio mix your video as well as how to market it.

In November, Michael Rosenblum will be running the second in our series of workshops to create your own TV channel. He will be discussing how to make compelling content and the art of visual storytelling. Defining your channel content and making it professional is key to your success and by following Michael’s simple formula you can ensure you make video that works for your audience.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming workshops, and we look forward to bringing The VJ to you with these sessions. 


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