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Now AI Comes To Writing

Posted May 07, 2019
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Four Score And Seven Years Ago...  87 Years Ago

The BBC reports that Microsoft is upgrading (if you can call it that), its Word software and marrying it to AI.

The 'improvements' will offer suggestions or correct your writing to make sentences easier to understand and also to "make sure language is gender inclusive."

In a blog post to explain the changes, Microsoft said: "Writing requires a dash of uniquely human creativity. Artificial intelligence alone cannot do it for us, at least not very well. But AI can - and already is - helping us do things like making sure we spell words correctly and use correct grammar.

"As the AI in these products is becoming more sophisticated, they are helping us do more than spot a misspelled word." 

Rival Google announced its own AI-based writing tool for Google Docs recently, which it promised would be more than just a grammar-checker, being able to detect "nuances" in language.

Is this a good idea?

I dunno.. (would probably have corrected that one). 

If you read Chaucer, you'll see that English writing continues to mature. Even read a novel from the 1950s and they often seem stilted and archaic.  AI will make sure that all writing is the same.

Or similar.

Or adheres to an engineer's idea of what constitutes good writing. 

Like writing code.

I am sure this is coming, but I am equally sure this is no good thing.

And, as AI begins to invade writing, video construct cannot be far behind.